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 Most Important Things

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PostSubject: Most Important Things   Sat Jul 26, 2008 6:36 am

If you want to be in Geeks On Patrol there is some certain rules.

1. Respect Other Players

2. Willing to Download Addons (inclusive Teamspeak, Ventrillo)

3. Have decent gear ( sockets, Enchants etc.)

4. Willing to raid

5. Dont Moaning about drops

6. Dont think about epics all the time.

7. Dont slack in raids

8. Solve your own problems with a other member (incase it doesnt work contact a Officer or The GM)
(if u are angry at eachother or anything else)

9. Do not use mature language all the time (doesnt bother me. but maybe bother others)

Should be it

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Most Important Things
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