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 ZA Requirements

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PostSubject: ZA Requirements   Mon Aug 04, 2008 6:08 pm

Resto-1500 Healing, 150 MP5 while casting
Balance- 900 dmg, 25% crit, 10% hit, 8500 mana, 150 mp5
Feral Tanking-18k hp MINIMUM fully raid buffed, 415 def with talents, 24k+ armor
Feral DPS-

BM- 1600-1700 ap unbuffed, 25% crit +
MM- 2000 ap unbuffed, 20% crit +
SV- 1800-1900+ ap, 750-800 agi unbuffed, 30%-32% crit
General- BM is understood by most to be the top DPS spec with worse gear. MM/SV are more gear dependant.

Fire-900 dmg and 28 % crit unbuffed,12-13%hit
Frost- 900 dmg and 28 % crit unbuffed, 12-13%hit
Arcane-900 Dmg and 35% Crit unbuffed, 6%hit

Prot-18k hp MINIMUM fully raid buffed, 15k armor
Holy-1400 healing

Shadow- 1000 dmg, maxed hit
Holy- 180 mp5, 1600 healing

General- Combat considered good spec for this instance, best to have at least 700 dps on a boss fight.

Enh-1300 ap, 26% crit, 125 hit
Resto- 1500 heal 150 mp5, 9000 mana, 15% crit
Ele- 900 dmg, 30% crit

Aff-950 dmg, 70 hit, 15% crit
Demo- 1200 shadow damage, 100 hit rating, 15% crit.
Destro- 900 dmg, 25% crit, 150 hit

Prot- 18k hp MINIMUM fully raid buffed, 490 def, parry+block%=>35%, 15k armor minimum

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PostSubject: Re: ZA Requirements   Mon Aug 04, 2008 6:09 pm

Tanks require 18k fully buffed HP, and 15k fully buffed armor. Dodge + parry combined should be at least 35%. More avoidance is better here.

Healers require at least 1500 +healing, and must be capable of spamming max rank heals for at least 5 minutes straight, using pots etc.

All DPS must be capable of at least 600dps, with a few people capable of sustaining 750+.

It really does depend on the boss though.

Bear Boss: No so important on DPS, need communication more than anything. Not too bad on healing or tanking.

Lynx: Need a ton of HP to tank him, and healers need a ton of mana.

Eagle: Not too bad on tanking, need 16k hp probably. Need a VERY good raid healer. Hots help a lot here.

Dragonhawk: Need a high avoidance tank who still has at least 17k hp. Healers need to be able to have very high endurance, there is a LOT of healing occuring here, moreso than any of the previous 3 fights. Need high mobility.

Feel free to add to this shold anything seem wrong or miss leading.

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PostSubject: Re: ZA Requirements   Tue Aug 05, 2008 12:11 pm

When you say 30% crit for Shamans, i'm guessing that's including talents, as otherwise I need another 200 or so crit rating which seems a bit extreme.

If not, i'm pretty much there. Need to stack a little more hit though I think, even with 9% from talents.
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PostSubject: Re: ZA Requirements   

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ZA Requirements
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