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 LvL 70 Mms hunter LF nice guild :P

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PostSubject: LvL 70 Mms hunter LF nice guild :P   Mon Aug 11, 2008 4:17 pm

Characther: Mertil
Class: Warrior
Age: 14
Race: Orc
Proffessions: Leatherworking and skining
Level: 70

Gear ( post from armory ):

Previous Guild: Disturbed

Why did you left: It disbanded

Sparetime: Hey , at my sparetime i play wow ( to much :S ) and play Bass guitar Cool
Where are you from: I live in Sweden a very difrent country.

why do you want to join us: You guys seems to have fun and im LF just a guild like this , and now ive found it ! Razz

Do you know anyone from the guild: Elonna ^^

How many days a week can you attend to join a raid: proboly around 4 Smile

// Pheońx thanks for reading *.* ;P Sorry for my bad english :S
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PostSubject: Re: LvL 70 Mms hunter LF nice guild :P   Mon Aug 11, 2008 10:58 pm

You need to re-app, you have not put your own info Razz i.e name and class
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LvL 70 Mms hunter LF nice guild :P
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