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 BM Hunter App.

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PostSubject: BM Hunter App.   Wed Aug 13, 2008 9:23 pm

Characther: Nebakanezz
Class: Hunter
Age: 18
Race: Blood Elf (wish i rolled orc for the racial -_-')
Proffessions: Mining/Engineering
Level: 70

Gear ( post from armory ): <-- cant seem to get URL's working on your page guys, probs my fault, but here are my stats:
RAP = 1564
Crit = 31.47%
unbuffed, i use my own pots/flasks/oils and foods in raids tho cos I have multiple 70's with all the proffs.

Previous Guild: None, just transfered here from Al'akir
Why did you left: see above ^^

Sparetime: My name is Jay, and I'm currently on a gapyear from high school before I start University, I like to play rugby with my mates and cruise around in my craptastic car ( which i love ;p ) and talk to my GF, she lives in finland :<
Where are you from: Scotland, live just outside edinburgh .. rains alot ;(

why do you want to join us: I wanna raid with some fun peeps, get some badges etc and experience some new stuff. basically, looking for fun and you guys sound like a fun & nice guild
Do you know anyone from the guild: I dont think so, sorry if someone has grouped with me and I cant remember :<

How many days a week can you attend to join a raid: Any day usually, unless something important comes up (i'd tell you all in advance) like I said I'm on my gapyear so I'm doing .. sweet feck all x]

Thanks for reading, any questions for me feel free to ask il be happy to answer

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BM Hunter App.
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