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 How u Apply!

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PostSubject: How u Apply!   Tue Apr 29, 2008 7:15 pm

Characther: Mertil
Class: Warrior
Age: 16
Race: Tauren
Proffessions: Alchemy & Herbalism
Level: 70

Gear ( post from armory ):
Previous Guild: Cake or Death
Why did you left: Was making this guild with my friends and they didn't needed any tanks clown

Sparetime: Hello my name is Philip and i use much of my sparetime on World Of Warcraft, and my girlfriend. When i see her. In the moment i go to school in 10th grade Smile and after that im starting on a technical school where i want to be something in for Data.

Where are you from: I live in denmark the small country next to germany lol!

why do you want to join us:
Do you know anyone from the guild:

How many days a week can you attend to join a raid:

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How u Apply!
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