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 Gear Req for karazhan and Gruuls Lair

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PostSubject: Gear Req for karazhan and Gruuls Lair   Sun Jun 15, 2008 7:04 pm

The most important, and most frequently forgotten contextualizing piece to these kinds of lists is whether the requirements are to start the instance or to breeze through it EZ-mode. These kara stats are to start, meaning you’ll do well through the first bosses if your guys are learning the fights. Past curator it is a slightly different story. If you’re still at these stats it is going to be difficult in the upper tower. Of course you can trade experience for numbers to a certain extent, in areas as diverse as mana management, aggro management/DPS, positioning, interrupting (on shade), elemental management (on shade), portal group swapping (on netherspite) etc. etc.

Self-buffed stats (flasks, weapon buff, and food included here):
Main Tank: 10k hp, 11k armor, 490 def
DPS mage, warlock: 650+ dam
(upper bosses more like 850+dam)
DPS rogue: 1.2k AP, 20%crit
DPS feral druid: 1800+AP, 26% crit
DPS hunter: 1.4k AP, slightly less as beastmaster
DPS warrior: 1.3k AP, 20% crit
DPS shadow priest: 600+dam
(upper bosses is more like 800+dam)
Heals, priest: 1.1k +heal, 300ooc mana regen
(upper bosses is more like 1.4k heal, and 350ooc regen)
Heals, Druid: 1k +heal
Heals, paladin: 900+heal, good crit chance

Gruuls sees a slight bump over the upper boss stats for kara.

Main tank: 15k hp, 16k armor, 500 def
DPS mage, warlock: 900+dam
DPS rogue: 1600+AP, 30%crit
DPS feral druid: 2400+AP, 28%crit
DPS hunter: 2k+AP for marks, 1.8k for beasts
DPS warrior: 1700+AP
DPS shadow priest: 850+dam
Heals, priest: 1.5k+heal, 375 ooc mana regen
Heals, druid: 1.4k +heal
Heals, paladin: 1.4k +heal, 20% crit

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Gear Req for karazhan and Gruuls Lair
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